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    Rave Coffee, Old Spike Roasters and the rising popularity of Tanzanian beans

    The two roasters describe how their latest Tanzanian single-origins sourced through Algrano were customer favourites with nothing shy from the quality of Kenyan or Ethiopian lots, sustainable farming practices, a good shelf-life with a stable acidity until the last batches and an added bonus: outstanding synergy with milk.
    published over 2 years ago

    • Tanzania
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    Friedhats & Gasharu: Embracing Rwanda without fear of potato defect

    The quality of Rwanda's coffee has skyrocketed in the last decade. However, many buyers remain reticent about this origin because they fear the infamous Potato Taste Defect (PTD). Though PTD can't be 100% avoided, it is under scrutiny in the country and its incidence has decreased as quality improved. Now, some progressive roasters are willing to take the risk. Friedhats, a specialty roastery in Amsterdam, talks about their experience with the origin and how they are enjoying a partnership with Gasharu in Nyamasheke. They are not looking back...
    published almost 3 years ago

    • Rwanda