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    Differential Pricing on Algrano: Which Lots Are Affected and Why?

    Roasters on Algrano will notice daily price variations for certain coffees. That’s because the platform allows producers to choose between setting a fixed price and a dynamic price.
    published 29 days ago

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    How to break the link between specialty and the C-price & other questions roasters are asking

    Understand the reactions triggered by the increase in the C-price, how producers in Brazil and Peru are responding to it and get sound advice from our sales manager Toom Booth.
    published almost 3 years ago

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    What’s happening with the price of coffee in Brazil - and what you can do about it

    “Why are Brazilian coffees more expensive this year?” roasters asked. To answer this question, we spoke to our long term partners at SanCoffee in Campos das Vertentes, Minas Gerais, to give roasters a quick update about what’s going on on the ground. 
    published about 3 years ago

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    Why roasters should negotiate prices with growers:  4 tips how to do it

    All the coffee lots you find at Algrano have been priced by the producers. All offers made by them are also based on fixed prices, which is nothing unusual when it comes to specialty micro-lots, but not necessarily the norm when it comes to commercial lots, which can also be priced based on differentials. Pricing coffee is a complex topic that relies on the knowledge a producer has of the market beyond the NY rates. Sometimes the pricing is spot on. Sometimes it isn’t. 
    published almost 4 years ago