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    Differential Pricing on Algrano: Which Lots Are Affected and Why?

    Roasters on Algrano will notice daily price variations for certain coffees. That’s because the platform allows producers to choose between setting a fixed price and a dynamic price.
    published 29 days ago

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    Algrano's full program for Expo in Chicago. Find us at Booth #2218

    Algrano's full program for Expo in Chicago.
    published about 2 months ago

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    US Roasters Can Now Source Coffee Directly on Algrano

    We’re bringing eight years of experience in direct sourcing to North American roasters. Algrano offers US roasters the same features and services already enjoyed by their European peers whilst providing greater market access to coffee producers on the marketplace. Kosta Kallivrousis is Algrano’s first US-based - Kansas City, to be precise - team member. He is here to help producers around the world and North American roasters build meaningful direct relationships.
    published about 1 year ago

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    The principles behind Algrano's direct sourcing

    To source directly means simply that it is the producers who make you offers when the coffees are still in their possession. The quality, price and samples you get come straight from them. This model has a lot of potential but it is only as ethical as the roaster who embraces it. Below are the principles we endorse to make direct sourcing a tool for positive change.
    published over 2 years ago

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    Beyond cup scores and blind cuppings: insights from the El Salvador virtual tour

    Female coffee producers, asymmetry of information in the coffee industry, and a virtual tour of El Salvador
    published about 3 years ago

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    Why roasters should negotiate prices with growers:  4 tips how to do it

    All the coffee lots you find at Algrano have been priced by the producers. All offers made by them are also based on fixed prices, which is nothing unusual when it comes to specialty micro-lots, but not necessarily the norm when it comes to commercial lots, which can also be priced based on differentials. Pricing coffee is a complex topic that relies on the knowledge a producer has of the market beyond the NY rates. Sometimes the pricing is spot on. Sometimes it isn’t. 
    published almost 4 years ago

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    How can I build strong relationships with growers?

    How can I build strong relationships with the growers? Today we answer a bonus question, in response to Perfect Daily Grind's blog: 5 Questions Roasters Should Ask Their Green Coffee Importer.
    published about 4 years ago

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    A marketplace, shipping and quality assurance: the services offered by Algrano

    A series of blog posts in response to Perfect Daily Grind's blog: 5 Questions Roasters Should Ask Their Green Coffee Importer
    published about 4 years ago