Fazenda Canta Galo

Brazil Single farm
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Small family farm driven by high quality

Small family farm driven by high quality Canta Galo is a traditional farm located in Campos Altos. A privileged place due to its height and the climate conditions. We work with different varieties of coffee trees aimed at producing excellent coffees with scores from 83 to 92 points according to the SCA scale. We are family oriented and aim to continuing the legacy left by our beloved father, Heron Reger de Carvalho.

Coffee production
  • Production area
  • Harvest period
  • Altitude range
    1070m - 1230m
  • Average annual production
    1200 Bags of 60kg
  • Arabica varieties
    Bourbon Amarelo
    Bourbon Vermelho
    Catuai Amarelo
    Catuai Vermelho
    Mundo Novo
    Paraiso 2
    IPR 100
  • Robusta varieties

    No data

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  • 3 Average orders per roaster
  • 3 Roaster relationships
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Campesino GmbH Bell Lane Coffee

"We made contact through the platform and I started talking with Heron. We had a couple of Zoom calls and straight-up I could feel that connection. The love for his work, the pride and the ownership he had in what he does was remarkable. I fell in love with him straight away. The relationship was established immediately - and that was just the first step. "

Nikola Sunko, Bell Lane Coffee
Heron Reger De Carvalho Junior
Gerente proprietário
Q Certified Certifica Minas BSCA UTZ Certified Rainforest Alliance
  • 2021 Campeões Expocaccer
  • 2021 Café do Brasil para o Mundo CNA
  • 2021 Concurso Qualidade dos Cafés de Campos Altos
  • 2020 Artisans Nucoffee
  • 2020 Qualidade dos cafés de Campos Altos e região
  • 2020 Campeões Expocaccer (cereja descascada)
  • 2020 Campeões Expocaccer (natural)
  • 2020 Senta que lá vem café Algrano
  • 2019 Qualidade do café de Campos Altos
  • 2019 Prêmio Qualidade do café de Minas Gerais
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Offered by Fazenda Canta Galo Verified Seller

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Canta Galo Espresso Lot

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Cana de açúcar

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  • Natural/Sun Dried
  • 84.5 points
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