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Café es mi pasión

Soy la segunda Generación de Cafetaleros mi Papa fundo la Finca Nelumbo en 1970. Somos dos hermanos y dos hermanas en la familia. Mi papa era uno de los colonos de la Region en los alrededores de Yurinaki en Chanchamayo. Nuestro Café siempre era su pasión y hoy día es la mía también. Yo estudie ingeniera Eléctrica pero regrese a la finca a mi pasión. La finca tiene 14 ha. Mi terreno es entre 1300 metros y 1450 metros al nivel sobre el Mar. Con los pocos herimientos que tenemos soy trabajando con 5 trabajadores constantes los 14 ha. Mis variedades son. Limani Catuai y Marsellesa. Me gusta mucho saber a donde se va mi Café es un producto que hacemos con tanto esfuerzo y dedicación que quiero saber quien le va a consumir.

Coffee production
  • Production area

    No data

  • Harvest period
  • Altitude range
    1310m - 1470m
  • Average annual production
    100 Bags of 60kg
  • Arabica varieties
  • Robusta varieties

    No data

Offered by Allpa Ruru S.A.C.
  • Peru
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Finding homes for smallholders' coffees

Allpa Ruru, formerly called Pachamama Inversiones, is an exporting company managed by Michael Scherff and Carlos Krapp in Central Peru. We work with cooperatives and directly with small producers heöping them market coffees directly to roasters and to fetch better prices. We also work in partnership with Central Café & Cacao, which organizes the national Cup of Excellence, to support short-listed and winning growers in selling their best lots. Our mission is to establish ourselves as one of the most recognized exporters of quality Peruvian coffee to the European and North American markets, in a social way in the new business model of direct relationship from the producer to the consumer, seeking to maximize the Peruvian coffee grower benefit and knowledge so that they improve their living conditions. Our vision is to be a leader in Peru as the reliable exporter of direct trade for high-quality Peruvian coffee. We want to make high-quality Peruvian coffee recognized worldwide!

Ringo Contreras
Dueno de la Finca Nelumbo

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Natural Organico Chanchamayo

Offered by Allpa Ruru S.A.C. Verified Seller

  • Peru
  • Natural/Sun Dried
Ringo Contreras - Finca Nelumbo

Offered by Allpa Ruru S.A.C. Verified Seller

  • Peru
  • Fully washed
  • 84.25 points
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