Finca Los Pinos

Honduras Single farm
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Finca Los Pinos es el segundo proyecto de nuestra tradición como productores de café desde 1987. Innovamos constantemente en nuestros procesos de manejo y secado de café y esto nos permite desarrollar la calidad de nuestro café. Alrededor de la finca se conserva el bosque en distintas areas, ademas procuramos utilizar practicas que ayudan a la conservación del suelo. Cuando nosotros tomamos nuestro café notamos el desarrollo positivo y constante en la taza, esperamos que ustedes también puedan disfrutarlo.

Coffee production
  • Production area
  • Harvest period
  • Altitude range
    1200m - 1700m
  • Average annual production
    150 Bags of 60kg
  • Arabica varieties
  • Robusta varieties

    No data

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  • Honduras
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  • 2 Average orders per roaster
  • 29 Roaster relationships
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"This (2021) is the second consecutive year that we have worked with COMSA. The coffee we buy from them is superb and has been a huge hit with our customers. We're looking forward to welcoming the new crop shortly."

Rory Ireland, Bristol Twenty Coffee Company
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Belfast Coffee Roast
Hundred House Coffee
Bristol Twenty Coffee Company

Leadership, innovation in organic farming

Established in 2001, as an initiative of a group of 61 coffee producers (12 females and 49 males) with the support of the Fundación para el Desarrollo Empresarial Rural (FUNDER) and a starting capital close to $365. Now integrated by over 1500 farmers, COMSA has grown into a business role model, thanks to the dynamic, responsible and innovative work ethics and vision of its members and workforce. From its foundation, the 61 members of COMSA decided that besides achieving high-quality coffee, their company was going to produce organic coffee and they were going to promote organic agriculture as one of the core principles pillars of their organization. At the time of their establishment, conventional agriculture which uses chemicals was the most common practice in the region. Following their focus on organic agriculture and high-quality coffee, COMSA presented itself to the international markets and recovered trust from international coffee buyers and Honduran coffee producers.


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