Buena Vista

Costa Rica Single farm
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Coffee production
  • Production area
  • Harvest period
  • Altitude range
    1800m - 1900m
  • Average annual production
    76 Bags of 60kg
  • Arabica varieties
  • Robusta varieties


  • 2014 Pacific Coast Coffee Asociation Coffee of the Year
Offered by Coopeagri R.L.
  • Costa Rica
  • 33 sales on Algrano
  • 2 Average orders per roaster
  • 24 Roaster relationships
  • Seller relationships with Roasters in
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Manumit Limited
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Pennine Tea and Coffee Ltd
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Traditional coop in Pérez Zeledón w/ high quality

CoopeAgri was founded on 25 November 1962 in San Isidro de Pérez Zeledón. Today with more than 6,000 active members, it has become a leading company that has driven economic growth in the southern part of Costa Rica. In the 1950s and 1960s, Pérez Zeledón had a very poor road infrastructure, which made coffee trading difficult. It was in the hands of private enterprise, which reduced producers' participation in the value chain. A group of local people saw that the needs of coffee producers could lead to the birth of a cooperative organisation, and it was in 1960 when this group set up a coop, then with 391 associates. Fairtrade premium-funded projects include a medical clinic, community store and the construction of 160 coffee stores over an area of 90 square kilometres. Farmers deliver their coffee to the stores for collection and transport to the washing station, saving them considerable time and expense. An interest-free loans scheme for growers makes much-needed credit available. Our main brand is Café Don Claudio, a coffee that comes from the surroundings of the Chirripó Mountain, which is the highest in all Central America.


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Piedra Arriba

Offered by Coopeagri R.L. Verified Seller

  • Costa Rica
  • Natural/Sun Dried
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