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rifanda coffee
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organic certified coffee beans with clear visions that adhere to 17 sustainable development goals

Rifanda coffee is a company that aims to fulfill all the 17 sustainable development goals in order to protect the coffee farmers and fosters its members which number ± 1,408 (One Thousand Four Hundred and Eight) members, which consist of several regions which include the districts of Central Aceh and Bener Meriah. In fostering its members, rifanda coffee is very concerned about matters relating to environmental issues, handling erosion, handling waste, increasing soil fertility, and also digitizing the coffee ecosystem from gardens to warehouses to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the productions without increasing the coffee farmers and coffee processor task, and this program is expected to be able to maintain the environmental ecosystem around us. This organization also has one goal so that all its members have an understanding of how to deal with issues related to coffee cultivation, considering that currently increasing coffee production which is the mainstay commodity for the districts of Aceh Tengah and Bener Meriah is very dependent on how to monitor and control coffee. good and sustainable handling of coffee plants. Rifanda Coffee launched a strategy at promoting the human resources (HR) of its members to understand how to handle the matters stated above. And have a positive impact on plants, especially coffee plants so that the function of land as a support for members' lives can be realized.