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TUANG COFFEE (Ruteng, Manggarai, NTT)

Tuang Coffee sources cherries In the Manggarai region in Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur. Traditionally, farmers here grow coffee as supplementary source of income as they grow other cash crops. Through providing stable order of coffee, education and equipments we are aiming to put more focus on coffee cultivation in the area. Together, we collect cherries from surrounding mountains and villages about 2 - 4 hours away and process them at the town of Ruteng. They are processed and fermented in massive 1000L water tanks as they come in big batches from the villages. Coffees from Tuang Coffee have always been the staple for our coffee competition choices: from the Indonesian Barista Championship to the World Barista Championship.

Coffee production
  • Harvest period
  • Altitude range
    1400m - 1600m
  • Average annual production
    283 Bags of 60kg
  • Arabica varieties

    No data

  • Robusta varieties

    No data

Offered by Catur Coffee Company
  • Indonesia
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