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Indonesia Group of farms
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Our Partner Visit 14 pictures

Having run the business for 7 years, our priority is to always be transparent about our coffee’s traceability.
Likewise, there are no blinders when it comes to price. We realize that there are complaints regarding an inconsistent green bean quality from buyers out there, hence we always provide transparent pricing.

Our buyers are always welcome to visit and explore our plantation. Get a closer look, have a chat with the farmers, review the beans quality first-hand before we ship them out.

The way we see it, direct trading is not just about fairness. By being transparent, we hope that it will provide sustainability in the long run.

Post Harvest at Our Processing Center 20 pictures

We are committed to coffee greatness. Therefore we put our maximum effort on the post-harvest activities, from start to end.
The processing facility is equipped with these tools:
Wet Mill: Pulper, Washing Station, Zig-zag Canal, Fermentation Tank Dry Mill: Patio, Huller, African Patio, Poly-tunnel Grading & Sortation: Sutton, Sorting Facility (size grader/hand-pick) Lab: Sample Roaster, Cupping Station, Coffee Machine.

These facilities are built to welcome buyers and coffee enthusiasts:
Guest House
Cupping Room
Mini bar (Espresso Bar and Manual Brew Bar)

Pantan Musara Arabica Farm 9 pictures

Our plantation is located in Pantan Musara, Takengon, Central Aceh, Indonesia.
Typical farm size: up to 12 hectares and smallholders nearby
Altitude: 1.400 – 1.650 masl
Soils: volcanic loam
Average annual temperature: 17.3 C
Average rainfall: 1896 mm

Crop Season:
Twice / year (February – April & October – December)
Production capability:
Grade 1 specialty 8 ton annual