Finca Las Cruces Quinchia Risaralda

Colombia Single farm
Sustainable organic coffee, fruity cocoa notes
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Sustainable organic coffee, fruity cocoa notes

Our small farm comprises 10 hectares, of which only 7.5 hectares are used to cultivate coffee and plantain. The remainder of the land is maintained as a natural reserve for water conservation. The farm produces two varieties of Arabica coffee: Castillo and Catimor, from 27,500 planted trees. These produce a coffee that is a smooth and full-bodied with fruity notes and of a medium to mild acidity, leaving a delicate cocoa finish that lingers on the palate. The coffee is hand-picked, peeled, fermented and then washed using the farm’s own spring water before finally it is sun-dried.

Coffee production
  • Production area
  • Harvest period
  • Altitude range
    0m - 1750m
  • Average annual production
    100 Bags of 60kg
  • Arabica varieties
  • Robusta varieties

    No data

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Coffee producers with deep roots in the coffee growing region of Quinchia

Our first offering is from the form which has been in the family for 70 years, and which has been transformed over the last ten years to produce coffee of excellent quality using 100% sustainable practices.