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First Specialty Coffee from the Philippines
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First Specialty Coffee from the Philippines

Cupping Notes: Nutty, low acid, cacao bitters and a caramel aftertaste. 86.25 cupping score. Hineleban Foundation Inc. (HFI/ est. 2006) has partnered with the seven tribes of Bukidnon, with the goal of reforesting the Mountain ranges of Mindanao. Hineleban is the NGO in charge of reforesting with the Indigenous People, conducting impact assessments, community outreach & development and regenerative agriculture training. Kalugmanan Agri Devlt. Corp. is in charge of buying back the berries and processing the coffee in its FDA approved coffee processing facility. The partnership is coined TRANSFORMATIONAL BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP (TBP). Assuring not only FAIR TRADE but equitable profit sharing back to the farmer level. 2021 is our 13th year of growing arabica coffee at elevations of 1200 masl. All coffee has been roasted and sold up to this year until the current yields have gone up due to our sustainable agricultural practices. Thus, ten tons available for green bean sale on this current year. For the year 2022 onwards, we will be harvesting for the first time arabica coffee from a higher elevation of 1500 masl. Looking for a direct buyer for a long term relationship. AVAILABLE: 2021- 10 tons . Year 2022- 30 metric tons. 2023- 86 MT. 2024- 145 MT. 2025- 163 MT At 1200-1700 masl

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  • Average annual production
    3100 Bags of 60kg
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  • 2015 Cafe Veried- Star Bucks
  • 2015 Global Climate Award Paris 2015


Renee Perrine
Hineleban Foundation, Co- Founder

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Hineleban Foundation
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Grade A Specialty Coffee first from the Philippines

Through Transformational Business Partnerships (TBP) with the Indigenous People of Bukidnon and the Bangsamoro People of the Muslim region of Mindanao, we have grown arabica coffee from 1200 to 1550 masl with an 86.25 cupping grade from Marty Curtis of the SCA in 2017 (cupping scoring sheet & taster's wheel inventor). New harvests have been cupped at 87 by local Q graders. Hineleban Foundation, with its main goal of reforesting the watersheds sheds of Mindanao while protecting its remaining primary forests, has been the community outreach arm for the targeted 3200 plus families. The team's expertise in forestry and sustainable agriculture has been recognised worldwide and awarded the GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE AWARD in Paris last 2015 TBP's include the growers as part of the business model returning equitable profits from the sales of the coffee to the market. We do this focusing on production technology, harvest technology, quality control with proper coffee processing facility & sales market team. Turning farmers to being part of the circular economy with a sustainable livelihood. We have been growing arabica coffee since 2008 & are at a point of being able to export now globally. 2021 10 MT 2022 30 MT 2023 86 MT 2024 145 MT 2025 163 MT Loo king for a long term relationship and partnership to sell to. Hoping to hear from usoon.