Productores de Café Capitán Luis A. Vidal S.P.R. DE R.L.

Mexico Cooperative
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High grown (1850 m) & high quality (SCAA 82-86)

CAFÉ CAPITÁN was founded in 2017 and became legalized on 29 June 2018. It started with the objective to improve the living conditions of many young producers through the production of sustainable coffee and other products, taking care of the environment and the nature. • The name comes from the village “Capitán Luis Angel Vidal” where a pilot with this name landed an airplane many years ago. • The beauty of this place is incredible, the mountains are almost 2000 meters high and covered by different types of trees according to the altitude. • The cooperative CAFÉ CAPITÁN is located in the hills of the natural reserve named “Reserva el Triunfo” with elevations above 1200 meters where still varieties like Bourbon and Árabe are cultivated. • MISSION: To be a leader cooperative in sustainable coffee improving the coffee quality of its members and selling high quality coffee. • VISION: Increase the income of small coffee farmers by offering high-quality coffee produced in a sustainable way. • Cooperative members: 500 (174 women, 326 men). CAFÉ CAPITÁN is organic certified by Mayacert and Fairtrade certified by FLO-CERT.

Coffee production
  • Harvest period
  • Altitude range
    850m - 1850m
  • Average annual production
    13000 Bags of 60kg
  • Arabica varieties
    Red Bourbon
    Mondo Novo
  • Robusta varieties

    No data

Offered by Comercializadora Exportadora YAXCOFFEE CAFÉ VERDE S.C. DE R.I. DE C.V.
  • Mexico
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The cooperative comprises 1536 small coffee farmers, all of them belonging to the indigenous ethnicities Tzeltal and Chol. They live in the remote area of Tumbalá, Chiapas where their languages and their culture could survive. YAX means "green" in the indigenous language Tzeltal and it refers to the indigenous concept of the members of the cooperative who consider "Mother Earth" as the base of any life. Organic production under shadow trees without any application of chemical substances and with a high diversity of plants in the coffee plantation to guarantee the survival of the Biodiversity is very important to them. Their vision is to improve the living conditions of small coffee producers through the production, gathering, processing, and marketing of high-quality, organic, and fairtrade coffee organized by the social cooperative Yaxcoffee. Young producers see a future for themselves growing high quality coffee instead of migration.

Reyder Lindoro Pérez Roblero
Organico Sagarpa Organic FairTrade
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