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Peru 2020 CoE Shortlisted Coffees

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12 farmers, 6 regions, 85+ points

Cup of Excellence (CoE), the largest quality competition for coffee on the globe, is still new to Peruvian farmers. The first edition took place in 2017, only 3 years ago and 18 years after the contest was launched in Brazil. Every year, the organizing committee strives to sell not only the winning lots, which go to auction, but also all shortlisted lots that don’t make it to the subasta internacional. However, the COVID pandemic meant many buyers have retreated, leaving 12 shortlisted farmers stuck. Now, they face the prospect of selling their 85+ lots on the local market as commercials. Unless roasters are willing to step in...

In October, the general coordinator of Peru’s CoE Geni Fundes - also general manager of Central Café & Cacao, responsible for organizing the competition - contacted Algrano through Pachamama Inversiones, an exporting partner in Central Peru. They wanted to give these 12 lots a second chance. Together, we decided to launch the Peru 2020 Shortlisted Series (CoE Submissions) on the Algrano platform. Their goal is to build a long-term relationship and to offer these lots through Algrano every year! 

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