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Impact-Driven Green Coffee Sourcing for a Better Supply Chain

Download Algrano's Impact Report 2022

Impact coffee sourcing

Algrano's Impact Report 2022

What's inside:

  • Algrano's problem statement and how the business model works
  • Who are the producers selling coffee on the platform
  • Relationship stories backed by data
  • Prices paid above the c-price and the FT minimum
  • Price volatility on the platform vs. the futures market
  • The results of a producer satisfaction survey on profitability
  • Our impact strategy for the next three years

Coffee sourcing with an impact
Impact business model
Algrano impact business model
Impact-driven coffee sourcing

Our impact is collective - it's a result of relationships between hundreds of roasters and producers. That is why we are also offering customised impact reports for roasters who source coffees on Algrano.

More than simply sharing prices and volume data, information you can easily get on your dashboard, you'll also have access to an overview of your relationships with producers over time. 

See how your partnerships are progressing, get valuable insights for your roastery, and get the information you need to share with customers and staff. 

Fill out the form to request your data now. We aim to start sending your information around June.

Algrano’s theory of change

A new ownership model where intermediaries don't buy; they support independent trade.

Algrano’s services for roasters

Supply & demand discovery services for producers and roasters with transparency.

Better prices for coffee farmers

Producer-led pricing and sales help growers capture more value for their coffees.

Shipping container coffee

Sharing container space and order automation create efficiency and scalability. 

Coffee cherry illustration

Meaningful direct relationships include better and predictable prices & consistent supply.

Coffee picking illustration

Producers become more prosperous and coffee achieves long-term economic viability.