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Coming Soon: Algrano 2022 Impact Report

Out in March with eight years of data shared for the first time.

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What You're Going to Find in The Report

  • An x-ray of Algrano's Verified Sellers: who are they and how they use the platform. 
  • Algrano's Theory of Change for economic impact on coffee.
  • How much money coffee producers received above the c-price and the Fairtrade minimum price since 2015.
  • How much producers' sales volume has increased on the platform.

Coffee with impact

a coffee that has some impact

  • The state of relationships with numbers on retention, growth and churning.
  • How much of the total volume on the platform is traded within ongoing relationships with coffee roasters.
  • The results of our first satisfaction survey with Verified Sellers on profitability, knowledge gain and optimism.
  • Real stories of successful partnerships between roasters and producers.