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Your Guide to Sourcing and Selling Green Coffee Directly

Be more prepared than ever to take control of the supply chain!


Everything you wanted to know about Direct Sourcing and Selling

Over the last five years, an increasing number of coffee roasters have been sourcing green coffee directly and building relationships with producers. These roasters-turned-green-buyers get to cup the most exciting coffees, have first dibs on micro-lots to build unique portfolios, learn about the supply chain in-depth, and lead the industry’s discussions on prices, transparency, and sustainability. 

We lack a comprehensive industry overview of direct sourcing practices. However, the growth of Algrano, a marketplace launched in 2015 to facilitate direct sourcing, is proof that direct sourcing is here to stay. Every year, the number of orders placed on the platform more than doubles. In 2020, 70 producers sold coffee for the first time and 111 roasters bought for the first time despite COVID-19. The biggest driver of growth has been recurrent businesses or, as they’ve become known in the industry, “relationship coffees.” 

Download the guide to learn:

  • Producers: learn about buyers’ needs and how to make offers they can’t resist. 

  • Roasters: find out how to communicate and plan, build direct relationships, and access the best lots that never make it to the offer lists. 

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