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Special Offer - Landed Coffee

Already in Europe. Offered by the growers. At your doorstep next week.

What is "Landed coffee"?

Many roasters tell us it’s getting harder and harder to plan their coffee stocks a few months ahead due to COVID-19. At the same time, growers keep working hard to produce great coffees and they want to make sure their beans reach European customers this year. So the growers asked us if it’s possible to ship coffee to an EU warehouse without having sales bookings. 

We heard all of you and decided to introduce a “Landed Coffee” offer as a way to support both sides during this challenging period and cut shipping time. Start the new year with new coffees from the origin!

We are bringing three coffees from Ethiopia, Brazil and Peru to Europe without any pre-sales to give roasters more flexibility to restock at any time. And the best news - the Ethiopian coffee has already arrived to Europe and the other two are on their way and will be there by the end of Nov. 

3 things you need to know about "Landed coffee"

Directly from growers

All of these coffees are offered by the growers who brought their coffee to Europe for the first time

Stored in Germany

The coffees will be stored in our warehouse in Bremen and Hamburg

Delivered in a week

One week delivery for EU customers from the moment the order has been placed*

Ethiopia - Boledu - Aricha Natural Gr.1 - ✅ Landed in Hamburg

Fruity, Jasmine, High sweetness, Jammy

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2. Brazil - Klem - Organic Natural - 🚢 Landing end of Nov

Fruity, Jasmine, High sweetness, Jammy

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3. Peru - Jumarp - Washed - 🚢 Landing end of Nov

Dried fruit, Raisin, Dark fruit, Plum, Greenish. Hints of dark fruit and raisins topped with medium acidity and round body.

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