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We cup non-stop so you can focus on the sweet spot

Yeah, we are a tech company. But the 2 things that really never sleep at Algrano are the IKAWAs and the dishwasher. Our lab cups thousands of samples every year to make sure your landed coffee is as good as the sample you fell in love with

Be covered by a reliable third party between you and the producers 

Sourcing direct doesn’t have to be scary, especially when you have a third party to assure quality objectively and enforce the terms of the contract. We present the result of our QC next to the producer's on every coffee lot, giving you insight into how the sellers perceive their coffees and how that translates into a cupping environment similar to yours. 

To ensure quality, our QC starts from the moment we onboard producers as great coffee starts by working with the right people. Growers have to deliver the promised quality, whatever that is, to receive their verification badge. It’s not about being coffee snobs but about making sure we can all trust each other.  

Count on our QC team for consistency and to keep defects at bay 

Our lab staff cups every coffee from offer sample to PSS (pre-shipment sample) and landed sample. When a producer sends coffee to be distributed, we keep 200g of each lot which will be cupped at least 3 times throughout the shipping journey. Every new sample is compared to the previous one to ensure consistency. We also check moisture content, screen size, density and defect count of all PSS. 

We do get bad stuff sometimes and we reject any coffee with primary defects. Samples that are off-balance or that have taints are cupped more and more carefully. We can request new samples or recommend that producers send new coffees altogether. Defects shall not pass! 

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Get bailed out if the quality drops

All contracts are subject to approval based on the quality of the offer. Roasters can negotiate the price or cancel a contract if the landed quality is inferior to the offer sample due to the number of defects, moisture content or a big difference in sensory profile. To be honest, these are really rare. And we still support the producer in selling the coffee later. 

Our job is to solve problems and make you happy. If a coffee lot doesn't meet the initial quality standards, we'll find solutions so you don’t have to worry. We always communicate clearly and promptly, share photos, run tests and exchange results from farm to roaster. If it comes to it, we also help you have those difficult conversations about quality and price with your supplier. 

Cup samples roasted for clarity and calibrated with the origin

Sample roasting doesn’t need to be complex, but you know and we know that bad roasting can cloud even the best coffees. At Algrano, we are committed to representing producers' coffees well so they have a good shot in the market. We roast with IKAWAs, exchange profiles and compare notes with sellers to make sure we are calibrated. 

We aim for a medium roast so that all coffee attributes are clear and transparent. We have standard roasting curves that we adjust depending on cup profile, processing method, origin, etc. Overall, we roast for 6 to 8 minutes and aim to reach a development time of around 1 minute after the first crack.

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