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We Cup Non-Stop so You Can Focus on the Sweet Spot

At Algrano, the sample roasters and the dishwasher never stop. Our lab cups over two thousand coffees a year to make sure your order is delivered tasting as good as the sample you fell in love with!

Rely on a Safe Third Party Between You and the Producer

Direct coffee sourcing doesn’t have to be scary. Especially when you have a third party committed to delivering great coffee! 

And great coffee starts by working with the right people. That's why our Quality Control starts the moment we onboard and verify a new coffee seller. 

Farmers and exporters have to deliver coffee that tastes as good as the offer sample to become long-term suppliers to roasters on Algrano. 

Tracking Consistency from Farm to Roastery All Year Round 

Our quality lab cups every coffee at each stage of the way: when the coffee is at the farm, before it's loaded onto the container and when it lands.

When a producer sends samples for distribution, we keep at least 200g of each lot for comparison. Refills and PSS (pre-shipment samples) are all cupped against that to ensure consistency. 

We also check the moisture content, screen size, density and defect count of all coffees before delivery. Defects shall not pass! 

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Trade Coffee Directly Without Worrying About Quality

All contracts are subject to approval based on the quality of the offer. This gives roasters space to negotiate if the landed quality is inferior to the offer sample.

To be honest, these are really rare. We get almost zero quality claims. And if that happens, we help the producer find a buyer. 

Our job is to solve problems and make you happy. If a coffee doesn't meet the initial quality standards, we'll find a solution. You don’t have to worry. 

Get Samples Roasted for Clarity and Calibrated with the Origin

Sample roasting doesn’t need to be complex, but you know and we know that bad roasting can cloud even the best coffees. 

We are committed to representing producers' coffees well so they can shine. We roast with IKAWAs, exchange profiles and compare notes with sellers to calibrate. 

Our roasts are medium and we aim for flavour clarity. We roast between 6 and 8 minutes and aim for 1-minute development after the first crack.

Don't Take Our Word for It. Try It Yourself!

Check what coffees are on offer and order samples for free.  We deliver green and roasted samples anywhere in Europe within a few days.

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