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Know where the money flows on the supply chain

Tired of gatekeeping? So are we. Source coffees priced by the producers and find FOB, shipping costs and the Algrano service fee listed on the transparent price breakdown before you check-out.

View the full price breakdown

Algrano has been sharing the full price breakdown since 2015 when most importers wouldn’t dare to talk about it. For us, transparency is so basic that we built it into the marketplace's technology to make prices always visible. We publicly share the FOB price, our freight and importing costs and our own fee. Just click and see.

Understand what you are paying for when you source on Algrano

Our price breakdown is composed of three main elements: the FOB price set by producers, the costs of logistics and the Algrano service fee. 

FOB set by producers

On Algrano, producers are not price-takers. Origin businesses upload the FOB price (and sometimes the farm gate) of all coffees themselves or with the support of their representatives, which can be cooperatives or service providers. Even if the FOB doesn’t tell you exactly how much the farmer will be paid at the end, you can rest assured that the price was set at the origin.

Shipping & importing costs

Our logistics services turn complex operations into a simple solution and variable costs into a guaranteed final price, all thanks to technology. The platform instantly calculates all shipping costs (which depend on the origin country, shipping line, final quantity of bags, and delivery country)  before the sale takes place. This is based on historical data, a good overview of demand with insights from relationship managers. 

The Algrano fee

Algrano sells services which involve no small amount of labour. We charge a base fee of US$360,00 that changes according to volume and quality of the coffee. To have an idea of what a typical Algrano shipment looks like, multiply the standard number of documents per shipment by 20, add an endless email thread, and throw in a global container shortage. We like to picture the logistics team as Buddhist monks with laptops and headsets. 

Want to know more? Ask the source

Whenever the farm gate price or specific coffee information you need are not available you can always go straight to the producer. If providing the farm gate is not always a simple task to execute before shipping, sellers are happy to provide the full picture to buyers afterwards. We don’t moderate the conversation between buyers and sellers. Any roaster is free to talk with farmers without barriers on Algrano’s messaging app - even if you just use it to exchange WhatsApp details.

Message growers

When sourcing directly on Algrano, you can sign The Pledge, become a data donor of the Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide and help the industry develop a new benchmark for coffee prices that breaks free from the C-market.