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Getting Started

The videos below give you a quick intro to the main themes around Algrano and direct trade: pricing, logistics, quality, and how to find coffee. Watch them and start sourcing!

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Introduction: How Algrano Works for Roasters

  • How to get green coffee directly from producers
  • Delivery time
  • Spot offers: get coffee from producers in a few business days
  • Full quality assurance: we handle the claims
  • Transparent pricing
  • Consolidated shipping for small quantities
  • Custom shipments to optimise delivery time and costs
  • Financing: pay only when the coffee is delivered to your roastery

Finding Your Ideal Green Coffee Beans on Algrano

In this video we go see how to find green coffee on the Algrano marketplace. We give you many tips on how to make sure you find your match.

Understand Pricing for Roasters on Algrano

In this video, we go through the pricing structure for roasters at Algrano. We give you many tips on how to optimise your final costs.

  • Price components overview
  • FOB price
  • Shipping costs
  • Financing
  • Algrano fee
  • Bag marks
  • Currencies
  • Fixed costs
  • Flexible costs
  • Optimising flexible costs
  • Road transport (DDP releases)

The Logistics of Green Coffee From the Origin to Your Roastery

In this video, we look at all aspects of shipping green coffee to your roastery, including export, ship, warehousing, and road transport.

  • FOB and FCA contracts
  • 4 stages of delivery
  • Online shipment tracking
  • From the origin to the warehouse
  • Managing your inventory online
  • Shipping coffee you have contracted elsewhere

Quality Control at Algrano

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Buy green coffee directly from producers in 18+ countries. Get price transparency and build relationships with full support in logistics! Algrano is direct trade made easy.

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