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Go beyond the offer list. Source direct

Source from a wide range of pre-approved lots, find producers that match your values, build relationships and open a gate to unique coffees that will help your roastery stand out. Algrano makes it easy and risk-free so you can focus on the cupping table.

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Take control of your supply chain

Sourcing direct means you don’t have to limit yourself to an offer list. Choose the producer you want to work with, find truly unique coffees and have them shipped to your door at the price you agreed with the supplier. Develop relationships with growers not just for marketing but for real and tap into coffees that never make it to the SPOT offers.
In the past, logistics was the main barrier keeping roasters under the heel of traders. Now, Algrano's sourcing solutions make going direct easy and allow you to take control of your supply chain. Unlock new and exciting coffees without the boring paperwork, the added risk or the logistics pain points. Save time when finding great suppliers and focus on what you do best: roasting.

Plan your sourcing year

Know when to order, when your coffee ships and when it lands with updates in real time. Plan months ahead of roasting, forecast your stock, and organise all your sourcing needs for extra peace of mind.

Find partners you can trust

We grant sellers that meet our onboarding criteria a verification badge so roasters can feel confident that they are buying from trustworthy suppliers. The process starts with an application form and includes extensive interviews and QC.

Browse producers

Cup pre-approved coffees

Algrano’s sellers offer a wide range of coffee lots to help you get started when you first log in. These are all pre-approved by our in-house Q Graders. Our lab works as a QC centre and distribution hub to ensure the coffees you receive are clean.

Meet your perfect match

Find the right coffees and partners using our dynamic search tool. Filter according to price, quality, volume, delivery month and even the values and key characteristics of businesses at origin. It’s like coffee hunting meets Tinder (minus the ghosting).

Get tailored offers

Build relationships and gain insight into what else producers have to offer. Receive samples tailored to your needs and have first dibs on limited micro-lots for your special editions. Every message you send is a gateway to more coffee.

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