Balcanes Coffee Estates

El Salvador Group of coffee growers

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El Salvador is one the countries historically known for producing some of the best coffees in the world. The climate and different altitudes in the geography, volcanic lands and the traditional production process had contributed to the outcome of this delightful coffee.

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Balcanes Coffee is a family business, which offers a large variety of plantations; with differ in height, climate, microclimates and soils. Along various decades many different varieties of coffee have been grown and establish, depending on each field characteristics. Some varieties are Bourbon, Pacamara, Kenya, Castillo and Sarchimor. Balcanes Coffee family has been for a long time nature and land lover, keeping inside the coffee fields, natural forests that preserve the biodiversity of flora and fauna of the region. All of our plantations have the Rainforest Alliance certification, claiming to provide a product rose with a rational use of natural resources, fair trade for labor workers, conservation of wild life and


4C Bird Friendly Organic Rainforest Alliance Q Certified
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