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Guatemala Group of coffee growers
Young, Entrepreneurial, Innovative, Transparent

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Finca La Bella - Teodoro Engelhardt - FW
  • Caturra, Pache, Sarchimor
  • 84.5 points
Free samples available
Finca La Revuelta - Christian Starry - Honey Bourbon
  • Bourbon
  • 86.0 points
Free samples available
Finca La Bendición - Jose Gomez - Natural Catisic
  • 86.0 points
Finca Liquidámbar - André Meléndez - Natural Pache Catuaí
  • Pache, Catuaí
  • 86.75 points
Free samples available
Finca San Jorge - Barsen Lemus - FW Caturra
  • Caturra
  • 85.0 points
  Previous offers
GT-53-202001 • Past harvest
Finca El Recuerdo - Acatenango - Caturra - Natural 100 hours Anaerobic
  • Caturra
  • 87.0 points
GT-99-202012 • Past harvest
Finca La Unión - Carlos Rivas - Huehuetenango FW
  • Icatu, Yellow Topazio
  • 85.0 points
GT-92-202101 • Past harvest
Finca La Revuelta - Christian Starry - Natural Bourbon
  • Bourbon
  • 86.0 points
GT-1-201601 • Past harvest
  • Caturra
  • 85.5 points
GT-13-201701 • Past harvest
El Xaya
  • Caturra, Bourbon, Pache, Catuai
  • 86.75 points
GT-40-202001 • Past harvest
Finca El Recuerdo - Acatenango - Caturra - Triple Fermentation FW
  • Caturra
  • 86.5 points
GT-52-202001 • Past harvest
Finca El Recuerdo - Acatenango - Gesha - Natural
  • Gesha
  • 88.5 points

What differentiates your coffees from other growers?

Young, Entrepreneurial, Innovative, Transparent


The Guat Lab is Mario Alarcon and Christian Starry, two producers and exporters who work side by side with growers in all parts of Guatemala to help them market their coffees. Unlike most exporters, they work as service providers providing 100% price transparency to their partners.

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The company developed a model with a fixed fee for exporting services and fair prices discussed with (not imposed to) each farmer and direct contact to the final buyer. Chris and Mario managed to make room for a different kind of exporting in Guatemala. More people trade transparently in the country now, a trend they are proud to have pioneered. They work with a number of producers with similar views of coffee: focus on innovation, transparency and a savvy approach to business. Mario is also the owner of Finca El Recuerdo and Finca Monte de Oro in Acatenango whilst Chris owns Finca El Xalúm and La Revuelta in Amatitlán. They are also known as Truth Trading Company or TTCo Exports.

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The Guat Lab By TTCo Exports

Co Founder
Christian Starry

Mario Alarcon



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  • Legal status
  • Total number of coffee growers
    • Roaster relationships
    • Relationships with Roasters in
      Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, and Poland
    • Average orders per roaster

Coffee production

  • Harvest period
  • Altitude
    1400m - 2000m
  • Arabica varieties

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80 Stone Coffee
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The Guat Lab by TTCo Exports


Km92, Aldea El Socorro , Acatenango