Singga Mas Nusantara

Indonesia Group of coffee growers
Our Specialty coffee have citrus & chocolate noted

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Our Specialty coffee have citrus & chocolate noted


Singga Mas Nusantara was founded in June 2019, which was previously a coffee farmer association in Kintamani, Bali which was chaired by my parents. I founded this company to help farmers manage the land they have in order to be of the same standard and to help farmers to market coffee beans that have been produced abroad.

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as well as shelter the farmers in order to avoid the loss of buyer fraud, the loss of production errors and various things that can harm the farmers. Singga Mas Nusantara was motivated by a bad experience from a farmer association led by my parents. in 2017 the farmer's association led by my father was scammed by a coffee buyer from Korea. because farmers do not understand the regulations and payment systems in trading. because this is what made me start this company. The ownership of this company is 60% held by the farmer group called Subak Abian and 40% is held by me. Through this company, the farmers and I try to have a positive impact on all parties concerned.

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