Nakaseka Coffee Farmers Association

Uganda Group of coffee growers

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Nakaseke Coffee Farmers Association is a community based organization bringing together coffee farmers in Nakaseke district, Uganda. We apply the best and natural Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) through our farming process.

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Our farming communities selectively pick the ripe cherries, quickly delivering them to our central collection community points where further hand sorting is done. Only the best cherries continue in the production process. To keep the natural aroma and other unique properties, the beans are slowly sun dried on raised beds. At Nakaseke Coffee Farmers Association, we are passionate about nature and biodiversity. Our communities have taken it upon themselves to protect the Fox's Weaver bird (Ploceus Spekeoides); the only Ugandan endemic bird species now categorized as endangered by preserving their natural habitats. By buying our coffee, you not only support rural communities of Uganda earn a decent income, but also assist in protecting and preserving nature
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