Beneficio Custepec S.A. de C.V

Mexico Group of coffee growers

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Café Custapec trades the coffees of the most prestigious coffee farms in Chiapas, Mexico. The family-owned farms go back to 100 years and currently run by the fourth generation.

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Café Custepec is a family-owned business that grows, processes and sells coffee. 15 estates with a total area of 3,379 hectares form the site. The production area occupies 1,136 hectares devoted to harvesting coffee under the shade of trees. The remaining 2,243 hectares are managed as natural areas. The Finca Custepec is located in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas, in the slope of the Gulf, in the Municipality of La Concordia in the Reserva de la Biosfera El Triunfo, a buffer zone rich in biodiversity. Since its founding in 1911 by Don Juan Pohlenz Dieckmann, Café Custepec has been dedicated to the production and export of Strictly High Grown Superior Coffee. The area of a Concordia and Jaltenango has many good coffees for two main reasons: altitude and climate.


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Beneficio Custepec S.A. de C.V


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