Cooperativa dos Pequenos Cafeicultores de Poço Fundo - COOCAMINAS

Brazil Group of coffee growers

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In 2006, some small producers in Poço Fundo, south of Minas Gerais, Brazil started a group to discuss the importance of sustainable family work. The town survives because of the coffee production but there was no justice for the farmers, who are the main agent of the market.

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In 2007 they organized itself and became a coop Coocaminas Fairtrade certified to improve the living and working conditions of producers and future generations and the entire community and allows members to continue to live in the countryside, where they are happy and fulfilled. In return, healthy and good coffee is produced, with traceability and commitment to delivery. For the last 12 years, the co-op had source almost 100% of the Fairtrade coffee to only one company, and in 2019 this company stopped to buy it. Nowadays the cooperative is working really hard to try source the coffee in a fair price for the member and keep them producing and motivated.


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