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We are third generation coffee farmers from the heart of India's western ghats region from a place called Chikkamagaluru, which is one of the hotspots for biodiversity. We have been growing shade grown arabica coffee in our farm from ages and coffee has been a lifestyle rather just a commodity.

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Coffee farms are highly fragmented and small scale holdings are plenty, more than 90% of Indias coffee comes from these small farms of 2-10 Ha in size. This means, the supply chain is highly unorganised and fair trade of coffee is just on papers and the real value of coffee grown isn't reaching the farmers. Much of the share is taken away by the millers and curing works. Seeing this , I Chethan I N, the third generation of this family who studied horticulture and agribusiness management am planning to start bringing the best shade grown coffee directly from farmers to roasters across globe. Fair trading of the shade grown,biodiversity friendly superior grade and single origin coffees is our aim
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