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Kenya Group of coffee growers
New to Algrano, B-Corp, Farmer empowerment

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  Previous offers
KE-4-202012 • Past harvest
Mr. Kinoti Miara - B Estate - FW AA
  • SL28, Ruiru 11
  • 86.25 points
KE-3-202010 • Past harvest
Athi Factory FW AB - Meru
  • sl28, Ruiru 11
  • 85.5 points
KE-5-202010 • Past harvest
Mercy Estate
  • SL28, Ruiru 11
  • 86.5 points
KE-6-202010 • Past harvest
Samuel Macharia - Kiranga Estate FW
  • batian, SL28, Ruiru 11, SL34
  • 86.75 points
KE-7-202011 • Past harvest
Mandela Estate
  • SL28, Ruiru 11
  • 87.0 points
KE-8-202010 • Past harvest
Rianjagi Farmers Co-operative FW AA
  • SL28, Ruiru 11
  • 86.0 points
KE-9-202010 • Past harvest
Chepnorio Farmers Co-operative FW
  • SL28, Ruiru 11, Batian
  • 87.5 points
KE-10-202011 • Past harvest
Gituja Estate
  • SL28, Ruiru 11
  • 87.75 points
KE-1-202102 • Past harvest
Deman Estate - Mutai Kinyua - Natural AB
  • batian, Ruiru 11
  • 87.0 points
KE-2-202102 • Past harvest
Kibari Estate - AA
  • batian, Ruiru 11
  • 86.5 points
KE-11-202011 • Past harvest
Kapkiyai- AA
  • batian, SL28, Ruiru 11, SL34, k7
  • 86.25 points
KE-12-202010 • Past harvest
Vava Bulk -AA
  • sl28, batian, Ruiru 11
  • 86.0 points
KE-13-202010 • Past harvest
Kutere - AA
  • SL28, Ruiru 11, Batian, SL34, k7
  • 86.25 points
KE-14-202010 • Past harvest
Kutere - PB
  • batian, SL28, Ruiru 11, SL34, K7, K34
  • 86.25 points
KE-15-202010 • Past harvest
Kapkiyai - C
  • SL28, Ruiru 11, Batian, SL34, k7
  • 86.0 points

What differentiates your coffees from other growers?

New to Algrano, B-Corp, Farmer empowerment


Vava Coffee is a Certified B-Corp with a social enterprise business model that has a network of coffee producers in different regions of East Africa.Vava coffee exports, roasts and consults on coffee value chains, the company aims to contribute to better future prospects for coffee communities   and the industry as a whole.

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We are geared towards sustainable livelihoods for the people and communities we work with. Our vision is to challenge the status quo and promote positive social disruption within the Coffee industry.Located in the picturesque Kajiado county inhabited by the calm yet courageous Maasai community, we work in this atypical coffee growing region to influence and transform communities by providing economic empowerment opportunities using coffee - we do this through trade, education and capacity building with a sharp focus on elevating the opportunities for women and girls in these communities.


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