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Indonesia garut, indonesia Garut single origin COFFEE was first brought by the Dutch colonial and planted in the mountainous area of ​​West Java around the city of Garut. This Garut coffee growing area is located at an altitude of at least 1,300 meters above sea level, where the land is still classified as fertile and has a cool climate / weather. Garut coffees are also given enough attention to planting and processing, so it’s no wonder that Garut coffees are currently one of the best coffee-producing regions from West Java. Garut coffee is also processed with special care to produce its later extraordinary character and flavor. Immediately order single origin Garut only at Coffee Doeloe Indonesia before it runs out.
  1. Arabica
  2. Fully washed
  3. 1000 Avg. Tons
Fixed FOB price From 2.1 to 3 USD/lb