Asociacion de Productores Cafetaleros el Santuario

Peru Group of coffee growers

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Our Association Productores Cafetaleros Santuario was founded in 2017 by a first Group of 30 engaged Farmers that were looking for a way to market their very good coffee themselves and therefor they founded there Associacion. By now based on our success in selling the coffee we grow to 476 Members which we are very proud of.

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We started this successful in Exporting our coffee from the first year on. The name Santuario comes from a nearby natural Reserve called Santuario some of our members even have their borders to the Reserve. In 2018 we were first Certified organic and are certified until today. Our Asociación Santuario es considered e great success to all Members in helped to maintain a stable income and organize the Certification which is impossible to do as a single farmer. We are very much looking forward to find more customers in Europe through our collaboration with Algrano because we believe in this Business Model.


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