El Buen Pastor

Honduras Group of coffee growers

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El Buen Pastor is the name of the association between several coffee farm producers located in the Potrerillos community, in Comayagua district, at an average altitude of 1600 meters. One of the farm's member won the Honduran cupping excellence rate in 1997.

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Unfortunately, due to last years low coffee price, many producers abandoned plantations creating local negative socio economic impact. Recently, production was reorganized under an association where sustainable production, conservation and social commitments are integrated. The strength of each member is used and promoted toward the well being of the group. The producers currently cultivate eight varieties of coffee with the distinct traceability of the micro-lots. Seeking the best ecological adaptation of each variety, the coffee grows in the buffer of the Montecillos Protected Area. Each grain is harvested by hand, then washed and dried carefully to provide an excellent coffee with unparalleled distinction.

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