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Rwanda Western Province, Rutsiro District Fully washed arabica commercial grade
  1. Arabica
  2. Fully washed
Ejo Heza Women-grown Flavor notes: Complex. Sugar plum and pink lemonade fragrance, maple syrup, winey, plum aroma. After the break, flavor has wine and berry, vanilla. Ejo Heza Story: 2020 marks the fifth year Artisan Coffee Imports has been importing and promoting the incredible Ejo Heza women and their coffee. Ruth Ann first arrived at Kopakama cooperative in May 2016 as a consultant giving trainings. (She was living in Rwanda at the time thanks to a Feed the Future USAID coffee research project.) Ejo Heza leaders were in the training and, during one of the breaks, guided Ruth Ann to visit their community coffee plot. There, Ruth Ann saw how they were doing controlled experiments! Half the plot was cultivated using traditional techniques, the other half is where the women were testing new weeding and mulching techniques that might save them labor (which = costs). Seeing this innovation was what “sold” Ruth Ann on trying the coffee. The incredible taste and 86+ score did the rest!
  1. Western Province, Rutsiro district
  2. Arabica
  3. Fully washed
  4. 86 - 87 points