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Mexico Group of coffee growers

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Grupo Tlecuaxco
typica, bourbon, garnica, caturra
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Family organization in which all have small properties and process the coffee in the wet milling facility of Mr. Adolfo XotlanihuaTemoxtle.

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The members are: Filiberto XotlanihuaYopihua, Jaime XotlanihuaTemoxtle, Virgilio Sánchez Yopihua, Erandi Medina Huerta, Adolfo XotlanihuaTemoxtle and Damián Xotlanihua Flores. Coffee planted under the shade of a great diversity of trees, on the hills of the Zongolica mountain range. Plants, trees (marquique, equimite, vanilla, yucca, izote, pipitzo, mafafa and agave) and lots of animals (hummingbird, squirrels, armadillos, parrots, and more). The altitude is between 1,250 – 1,600 m.a.s.l.

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