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Philippines Group of coffee growers

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We´re actually not coffee growers. We´re coffee gatherers.

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And the coffee gathering is a by-product of our efforts to contribute to the holistic, healthy and regenerative development of Palawan, one of the places on earth with the greates biodiversity. We are a small NGO that works with members of the Tagbanua, a people with only 25,000 individuals, who live in the forests or in the wastelands between forest and farmlands on the islands of Palawan. Instead of cutting old-growth trees to make coal, instead of killing civet cats for meat, our partners now gather and process the civet coffee. When it is not coffee season, we work on developing the barren lands which burnt every year in the dry season. We convert them into biodynamic fruit and vegetable farms, thus contributing to the biodiversity of these areas, protecting the forest which is else more and more expanded into farmland and re-enlivening the culture of the Tagbanua who have a language and traditions of their own.

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