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Nkora CWS FW Gr A - Rutsiro - Western Province
  • Grapefruit, White tea, Red berries
  • Red Bourbon
  • 86.0 points
Cyondo farm - Nkora CWS Micro-lot FW Gr A - Rutsiro - Western Province
  • Bourbon
  • 85.5 points
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Biruyi farm - Nkora CWS Natural Micro-lot Gr A - Rutsiro - Western Province
  • Bourbon
  • 87.0 points
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Burega Women's Micro-lot - Buliza CWS FW Gr A - Rulindo - Northern Province
  • Bourbon
  • 85.25 points
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RW-23-202102 • Upcoming harvest
Kirehe Farm FW Gr A - Kigeme CWS - Nyamagabe - Southern Province
  • Bourbon
  • 86.5 points est.
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RW-1-202002 • Past harvest
Buliza CWS FW Gr A - Rulindo - Northern Province
  • Red Bourbon
  • 86.0 points
RW-24-202004 • Past harvest
Kigeme CWS FW Gr A - Nyamagabe - Southern Province
  • Bourbon
  • 84.5 points

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Experienced & professional Rwandese company, FT


CAFERWA Ltd is a coffee exporting company which started its operation in 1995 with the goal of exporting coffee to different parts of the world. Our coffees are special, grown on volcanic soils on the shores of Lake Kivu, within an altitude of 1450 m -1800 m and an average rainfall of 1250mm.

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We own 5 washing stations that can produce an average of up to 200 MT (metric tons) of parchment each. Nkora, in Gisenyi, is the biggest washing station in Rwanda and can produce up 500 tons of parchment coffee per season. The others are Cyebumba, Kigeme, Shangi (Western Province) and Buliza (Northern Province). We nurture relationships with our farmers and adopt fair practices to ensure that they are involved in every part of the process. Most of our staff are women, many of whom are survivors of the 1994 genocide. We provide healthcare and education and empower communities to grow strong with thriving businesses whilst offering safe, healthy working conditions and sustainable farming methods.