Bean Voyage: Womxn-Powered Coffee

Costa Rica Group of coffee growers

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Algrano allows you to build trusted relationships with coffee growers, purchase coffee directly from origin and get service support along the way.

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CR-42-202002 • Past harvest
Aracelly Robles (L-6SL)
  • caturra, catuai
  • 84.0 points
CR-43-202001 • Past harvest
Flor Maria Bonilla (L-1SL)
  • caturra, catuai
  • 83.0 points
CR-45-202002 • Past harvest
Adita Emicilia Piedra Garro (L-25 SL)
  • caturra, catuai
  • 84.75 points
CR-40-202001 • Past harvest
Aracelly Robles (L-7SL)
  • caturra, catuai
  • 83.5 points
CR-52-202002 • Past harvest
Leticia - Los cuarteles
  • caturra, catuai
  • 83.75 points
CR-54-202002 • Past harvest
[AM-03SW] La Angostura: Arleen and Maria Jimenez
  • caturra, catuai
  • 83.0 points
CR-55-202002 • Past harvest
Leida Marin Ureña
  • caturra, catuai
  • 84.25 points
CR-41-202001 • Past harvest
Nuria Herrera Amador (L-12SL)
  • caturra, catuai
  • 84.0 points
CR-44-202001 • Past harvest
Miriam Venegas Vega (L-3SL)
  • caturra, catuai
  • 84.25 points
CR-46-202002 • Past harvest
Leidy Jimenez Ureña (L- 13 SL)
  • caturra, catuai
  • 84.0 points
CR-47-202001 • Past harvest
Lies Nuñez Ceciliano (L-5SL)
  • caturra, catuai
  • 82.75 points
CR-48-202002 • Past harvest
Cafe EyF (Ericka Mora and Ruben Dario)
  • caturra, catuai
  • 85.0 points
CR-49-202002 • Past harvest
BioCafe: Franciny Vargas
  • caturra, catuai
  • 83.0 points
CR-51-202002 • Past harvest
Fadiva: Angie, Marlen, Mayra and Allen Vargas
  • caturra, catuai
  • 83.75 points


We are a feminist organization co-creating a sustainable coffee value chain that works for all including smallholder womxn coffee producers. We provide training access to womxn who have been historically excluded to improve their quality and farming practices and support them in accessing the market.

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Sunghee Tark

Co-founder and CEO
Abhinav Khanal

Co-founder and Executive Director
Adriana Vasquez

Country Manager - Costa Rica
Fernanda Carrillo

Farmers Relation & Program Associate


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  • Legal status
  • Total number of coffee growers
    • Roaster relationships
    • Relationships with Roasters in
      France, United Kingdom, and Taiwan
    • Average orders per roaster

Coffee production

  • Harvest period
  • Altitude
    1170m - 2000m

Trusted by

Girls Who Grind Coffee


  • SCA LEAD Scholarship
  • Emma Watson Gender Equity Award
  • UN 50 game changing solutions (for gender equity)
  • Facebook Social Entrepreneurship Grand Prize Award

Bean Voyage: Womxn-Powered Coffee

Costa Rica

De la escuela Santa Marta, 800 metros este al camino al Cristo de Sabanilla, a casa a mano derecha con rejas cafes, y un hidrante amarillo al frente, San Pedro, Montes de Oca Canton , 000000 San Jose