Zukuka Bora Coffee Company

Uganda Group of coffee growers

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We are Zukuka Bora Coffee Company and are now entering our fourth year of operation. We are absolutely, 100% convinced that this project is necessary and important.

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Establishing a fair and transparent business – with its aim to benefit some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world – is having such an impact on Mt Elgon. It provides employment to more than 100 people, it provides a good and fair return for more than 625 farmers’ produce, and it genuinely provides hope in the community. This is not about hand-outs, but about ensuring dignity and empowering every farmer and every person involved. It’s also about creating jobs and having a knock-on impact on a whole range of supporting industries – whether carpenters, labourers, truck drivers, factory workers. We’re seeing a whole wider industry waking up to the potential of a well-run specialty coffee enterprise. We'd love you to join us, partner with us, in making a positive impact here in beautiful Uganda.

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