Cooperativa de Caficultores de Anserma

Colombia Group of coffee growers
Certified blends & micro-lots w/ social impact

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  • Raspberry, Coconut, Candy-like
  • Castillo Naranjal
  • 87.25 points
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  • Raspberry, Red ripe fruit, Cacao nibs
  • Castillo Naranjal
  • 86.0 points
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Anserma blend
  • Red apple, Chocolate, Stone fruit
  • 83.0 points
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CO-63-202005 • Past harvest
Anserma special blend
  • 85.0 points

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Certified blends & micro-lots w/ social impact


We are a Cooperative of more than 2,100 coffee growers, in the southwest of Caldas, with an average farm size of 2.4 hectares.

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30% of our members are women. All the profits are invested in the coffee growers looking for their welfare. Our goal is to market coffee and other agricultural products efficiently, through the democratic and participative integration of coffee growers in the cooperative's area of action. We create new products or services and implement new channels and/or processes to tap new markets, generating added value for members and families. Our project Todos al Agua (All for Water) focuses on cleaning and preserving water resources. It was created when members reported their children were constantly becoming ill due to contaminated streams. Through Proyectos Veredales we set up a football field for kids to play football safely. Read more here


FairTrade Rainforest Alliance UTZ Certified C.A.F.E practices

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