Cafe Tuxpal

El Salvador Group of coffee growers
Traditional coffee family w/ quality focus

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Fully Washed Tuxpal Blend
  • Pacas, Bourbon
  • 83.5 points
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Black Honey Tuxpal Blend
  • Pacas, Bourbon
  • 83.5 points
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SV-45-202001 • Past harvest
Pacas Natural
  • Pacas
  • 83.0 points
SV-112-202002 • Past harvest
El Rosario Natural
SV-113-202002 • Past harvest
San Jose Pacas washed
SV-114-202002 • Past harvest
San Jose Pacamara Honey
SV-115-202002 • Past harvest
Las Mercedes Ferm. DW
SV-116-202002 • Past harvest
Las Mercedes Pacamara Honey

What differentiates your coffees from other growers?

Traditional coffee family w/ quality focus


Our family has been producing coffee since the 19th century when José Rosa Pacas bought his first farm in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range in El Salvador where he planted Bourbon varietal trees. Six generations later, coffee remains our true passion and inspiration, while we keep improving our methods, quality and diversity to obtain maximum excellence in coffee.

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In 1958, our ancestor Fernando Alberto Pacas Figueroa noticed an unusual shrub growing among bourbon coffee trees in Finca San Rafael. After consulting with friends and a thorough investigation in the University of Florida, it was determined that this was a natural mutation from bourbon coffee trees, resulting in a new coffee varietal. Nowadays, the Pacas varietal is most known for its cross with the Maragogype varietal, called Pacamara.


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