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Kaapi Royale Fully Washed Fine Robusta Screen 15
  • CxR
Kaapi Royale Natural Fine Robusta Screen 15
  • CxR
Free samples available
Kaapi Royale Fully Washed Fine Robusta Screen 17
  • CxR, SLN274, Old Robusta
Kaapi Royale Honey Fine Robusta Screen 15
  • CxR
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IN-2-201901 • Past harvest
Robusta Kaapi Royale
IN-3-201906 • Past harvest
Robusta Honey


Kaapi Royale Coffee is a green coffee export company specializing in fine specialty Arabica and Robusta coffees (including the award-winning coffees of Sethuraman Estates) in Karnataka, South India, a region known as the birthplace of Indian coffee. Sethuraman Estates is a sixth-generation coffee plantation in Magundi, Karnataka near Chikmagalur that has been recognized as one of the best growers of Robusta coffees worldwide by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI).

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Sethuraman was the first estate to receive the R certificate from CQI, designating the production of fine robustas, back in 2015. Today, only 30 coffees have received the prestigious R certification and 15 came from Nishant's estate.

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