Aurelia Da‘Gabo

Indonesia Group of coffee growers
Distinctive taste, commitment, cleanliness

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Distinctive taste, commitment, cleanliness


A farmers group in Indonesia, founded by around 150 coffee farmers from Flores Bajawa and consists mostly of the members of the family Da’Gabo in Flores Bajawa. Aurelia Da’Gabo production was in the beginning only specialty arabica (score 85) from Flores Bajawa.

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Today, Arabica and Robusta were plantated outside of Flores such as Sumatra, West Java, East Java and Sulawesi under the management of Aurelia Da’Gabo. Our philosophy: We believe that the quality of our coffee began at the source. Not only the plantation and the green bean... It is the farmer who produced this great coffee for us. Sustainability and confidence protect our resources, and the future of the farmers. So yes... We care. The concept of Aurelia Da'Gabo is to establish a profitable network in the Farms for all involved parties.



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