Neja Washing Station

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ET-15-201812 • Past harvest
Neja Special
  • Mixed Local Varieties (Heirloom)
  • 89.0 points


Neja is a washing station is owned and run by Neja Dail Reshid. It is located in the Abaya Uraga Woreda District in West Guji.

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The closest village is called Tobitu Tuta. The private washing station was established just two years ago with the support of Fahim PLC who is also the exporter for the coffee. Together they have established processed according to the best industry standards for the production of up to 2000 bags specialty grade washed coffee. At peak harvest around 100 people work at the processing side. As Neja is a private washing station it purchases cherries from farmers in the surrounding area at considerably high prices but at the condition of delivering only perfectly ripe cherries.