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Peru Group of coffee growers
Finding homes for smallholders' coffees

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PE-101-202104 • Upcoming harvest
Filadelfo Cordova Mejia - Finca Agua Colorada - Jaen - Cajamarca - Ref PE230
  • Caturra, Bourbon
  • 85.75 points est.
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PE-93-202008 • Past harvest
Pastor Eguavil Deza - Finca Progreso - Pachitea - Huanuco - Ref PE203
  • Caturra, Comun
  • 86.25 points
PE-94-202008 • Past harvest
Rosas Rafael Yzquierdo - Finca La Flor - Utcubamba - Amazonas Ref PE811
  • Catimor, Marsellesa
  • 86.0 points
PE-95-202008 • Past harvest
Santiago Pari Huillca - Finca Ccorihuaynachina - Calca - Cusco - Ref PE942
  • Typica, Bourbon
  • 86.0 points
PE-96-202008 • Past harvest
Agenor Garcia Carrion - Finca La Palma II - San Ignacio - Cajamarca - Ref PE515
  • Caturra, Bourbon
  • 85.0 points
PE-97-202008 • Past harvest
Darlyn Johnn Sanchez Hilario - Finca Cinco Corazones - Oxapampa - Pasco - Ref PE311
  • Caturra, Bourbon, Gesha, H1
  • 85.25 points
PE-88-202010 • Past harvest
Dofan Willian Patilla Pineda - Finca Machaychiyoc - Calca - Cusco Ref PE340
  • Bourbon, Caturra, Castillo, Catimor
  • 86.5 points
PE-90-202008 • Past harvest
Ederson Melgarejo Huaman - Finca Nogalniyoc - Calca - Cusco - Ref PE140 (organically farmed)
  • Bourbon, Gesha
  • 87.0 points
PE-91-202008 • Past harvest
Gerardo Huaroc Yalo - Finca Huaroc Yalo - Satipo - Junin - Ref PE744
  • Caturra, Typica
  • 86.75 points
PE-92-202008 • Past harvest
Lederson Flores Chuquihuanga - Finca Santa Rosa - Chontali - Cajamarca - Ref PE476
  • Yellow Caturra, Bourbon
  • 86.5 points
PE-98-202008 • Past harvest
Jose Huamani Cahuana - Finca Chontayoc - La Convención - Cusco - Ref PE457
  • Typica, Bourbon
  • 85.25 points
PE-99-202008 • Past harvest
Reynaldo Flores Caceres - Finca Las Flores - Satipo - Junin - Ref PE844
  • Caturra, Bourbon
  • 85.5 points
PE-100-202008 • Past harvest
Valentin Ccorimanya Villafuerte -Finca San Lorenzo Buena Fortuna - Calca - Cusco - Ref PE305
  • Typica, Bourbon, Catymor
  • 85.5 points

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Finding homes for smallholders' coffees


Allpa Ruru, formerly called Pachamama Inversiones, is an exporting company managed by Michael Scherff and Carlos Krapp in Central Peru. We work with cooperatives and directly with small producers heöping them market coffees directly to roasters and to fetch better prices.

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We also work in partnership with Central Café & Cacao, which organizes the national Cup of Excellence, to support short-listed and winning growers in selling their best lots. Our mission is to establish ourselves as one of the most recognized exporters of quality Peruvian coffee to the European and North American markets, in a social way in the new business model of direct relationship from the producer to the consumer, seeking to maximize the Peruvian coffee grower benefit and knowledge so that they improve their living conditions. Our vision is to be a leader in Peru as the reliable exporter of direct trade for high-quality Peruvian coffee. We want to make high-quality Peruvian coffee recognized worldwide!
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