Aldea Global

Nicaragua Group of coffee growers

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NI-37-201901 • Past harvest
SHB EP Colibri Azul 84+
  • Caturra, catuai
  • 84.0 points
NI-38-201901 • Past harvest
SHB EP Tierra Madre
  • Caturra, Catuai, Catimore
  • 82.75 points
NI-39-201801 • Past harvest
SHG EP Café Aldea
  • Caturra, Catuai, Catimore
  • 82.0 points


22 Small Farmers started Aldea Global in 1992. Aldea Global is a Nicaraguan farmer association assisting more than 9,000 farm families, most of them belonging to the Chorotega Indigenous Community.

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Our Vision: Be a valuable Association for the progress of our rural families. Our Mission: We are Aldea Global solid small farm families that lead in services and profitable businesses. In harmony with God, the environment, social responsibility and gender equity. Certifications: FLO (2004); Rainforest Alliance (2012); UTZ & Women’s Hands (2017)


FairTrade Rainforest Alliance UTZ Certified

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