Sicafe S.A. De C.V.

El Salvador Group of coffee growers
Award-winning family farms, eco-friendly mill

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SV-55-201912 • Past harvest
Finca La Siberia Red Bourbon Natural
  • Red Bourbon
  • 87.0 points
SV-56-201912 • Past harvest
Finca La Siberia Red Bourbon Natural Anaerobic
  • Red Bourbon
  • 86.5 points
SV-57-201912 • Past harvest
Finca Noruega Red Bourbon Natural
  • Red Bourbon
  • 85.5 points
SV-58-201912 • Past harvest
Finca San Cayetano Anacafé-14 Natural
  • Anacafé-14
  • 85.5 points
SV-89-202001 • Past harvest
Piedras Lloronas Honey
  • Bourbon
  • 85.0 points
SV-90-202001 • Past harvest
Finca La Fany Honey
  • Borboun
  • 85.0 points

What differentiates your coffees from other growers?

Award-winning family farms, eco-friendly mill


Sicafe is owned by the Silva family. We grow, process, export and roast coffee in Apaneca, Ahuachapán, El Salvador.

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We market coffees from our 6 family farms, located around the summits of the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range, and also from 30 other producers around the country. We are proud to say we have had coffees amongst the winning lots of the national Cup of Excellence 7 times! La Siberia Estate, in our family since 1870, produced a lot that was awarded 94 pts. by Coffee Review in 2008. We also received 3 awards from AVPA Paris for our roasted coffees for two consecutive years. In 2017, our mill San Pedro was named the most environmentally friendly in the country. We grow mainly 2 varieties: Bourbon and Pacamara. Our trees are covered by shade and fertilized with organic matter produced by us. We also care deeply for our staff by providing workshops, scholarships and full pensions for those that retire because of old age. Visit our website

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