Aloha Farms

United States Minor Outlying Islands Group of coffee growers

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Aloha Farms first farm was established in 1953, located on the Mount Hualalai portion of the big island of Hawaii. All of our farms are located under the tropical terrain of the active Mount Hualalai / Mauna Loa volcano, where our coffee fields thrive.

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Natural & Organic,the rich volcanic soil allows us to harvest the rarest and finest award winning Kona & Ka’u coffee in perfect growing conditions. The Kona arabica coffee cherries are succulent, plump and have a natural sweetness that only can be found in Hawaii. The coffee from Aloha Farms are all hand picked and processed (and roasted) to the optimum level to bring out the fullest taste profile that recently was cupped to a high score of 85.75 (Verve Coffee Roasters) & 87.00 (out of 100).