Fazenda Um MG

Brazil Coffee grower

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Boram Um


Our Farm Located in a privileged area, Fazenda UM occupies part of the municipalities of São Gonçalo do Sapucaí and Campanha, in the region of the South of Mines in the Mountain of the Mantiqueira. The entire habitat of Mantiqueira has one of the most complex terroirs in Brazil, soil superiority, favorable climate and high altitudes are extremely beneficial for the cultivation of special coffee.

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Technical specifications Producer: Stefano UM Longitude: 21 ° 46 '47 " Latitude: 45 ° 27'55 " Altitude: 1100m - 1350m At the Fazenda Um we plant more than 20 varieties of coffee, following the international standards of smaller and more controlled batches. All this combined with selective manual harvesting, post harvest care and closely followed by the producer itself resulting in this coffee so distinct from Fazenda Um.

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