Finca Nápoles

Colombia Coffee grower

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Maurício Tovar


Finca Nápoles is located in the heart of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a mountain range near the Caribbean coast. Ranging from 1250m to 1800m above sea level, our organic farm is surrounded by natural reserves, a refuge for many of Colombia's endemic species.

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Finding us involves a motorbike journey on steep and bumpy roads up to the settlement of Palmor, in the town of Ciénaga. It can be quite the adventure, but we know many experienced drivers that make it fun - and safe. Palmor is known by many as the coffee capital of Magdalena, the main producing department in Sierra Nevada. Nápoles was founded by my father Cristoval Tobar in 1960. Born in Tolima, he came to Palmor looking for a peaceful place to live. A hard-working man, he made Nápoles prosper and helped many people in the settlement over the years.



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